Peterborough born but of immigrant family;learned to play piano and

accordion as a boy. First attended Kings School,Peterborough, and then Trinity

College of Music where his composition professor was the late composerJohn

Tavener and his piano professor was Antony Lindsey.


Stan has decades of experience in playing church organ for the local Roman

Catholic parish and received an award in gratitude from the diocese in 2016,

presented in Peterborough cathedral by the RC Bishop of East Anglia in 2016.

He has played a wide range of music on the piano but has a particular interest

in post war music and plays with the Hull based Electro Acoustic Ensemble.

Stan has written music for schools,including musicals,accordion and piano

music, but is very much a serious composer in his own right and work includes

installations ( visit Bridge Sounding on the Millennium Bridge over the Nene

near Flag Fen ), a full length opera,sonatas,string quartets, etc. Very active in

teaching in the region for decades.