Please read the following terms and conditions of your child’s place at PCYM carefully. You will be asked to sign a copy.

I agree:

  • To pay the annual fee (subject to any agreed discount) in full (or proportion thereof if starting after the commencement of the academic year) within 30 days of receipt of invoice, or in an agreed number of instalments i.e. termly or by standing order over 10 months from October to July.
  • The full annual fee will vary according to the timetable requests I have made.
  • If I fail to pay the fees when requested, PCYM is entitled to exclude my child from the course and that I will still be liable for the full annual fee.
  • If I withdraw my child from the course at any time during the year the full annual fee (or proportion of annual fees if my child started after the commencement of the academic year) will still be payable unless dispensation has been granted by the Head of CYM . (See below)
  • Students are expected to remain at CYM for a full academic year (or remainder of the academic year if tuition commenced after the start of the year) and that if I wish to withdraw my child at the end of the academic year notice must be given in writing to the Head of PCYM no later than the 1st July.

PCYM Notice period

I understand that:

  • In exceptional circumstances (e.g. bereavement or material change to personal circumstances), CYM may offer fee dispensation if my child does not complete a full academic year. In the first instance, I must send an email to the Head of PCYM stating when my child will be leaving giving full details of reasons. A full term’s notice must be given, where possible. Notification of any dispensation in fees offered by the Head of Centre will be given in writing.
  • Students are accepted into CYM on the condition that they make satisfactory progress and attend regularly. I understand that when students wish to be absent, permission must be requested in writing (email will suffice) and
  • I agree to my child not arranging other activities on a term time Saturday or concert day until permission for absence has been granted by CYM.
  • PCYM is unable to give permission for my child to miss concerts or important rehearsals. Leave of absence will normally be granted for days when a student is not involved in a concert, an important rehearsal, an internal assessment or other important event. Repeated absence can be detrimental to a student’s musical progress and very disruptive to ensemble work. For this reason, the Head of PCYM will normally only grant a student a maximum of 2 absences per term.
  • In the event of grave misconduct by my child, the Head of PCYM will have the right to expel or suspend my child immediately and that in the event of such expulsion or suspension no proportion of PCYM fees will be refunded. (See Code of Conduct)

Parent/Carer Declaration: I have read and agree to the enclosed Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions

Signed: (Parent/Guardian) Date:

Child’s name: (PRINT)

These notes and conditions are subject to change from time to time. Parents will be notified in writing in advance of any such changes.