As an avid fan of music and amateur songwriter as young as 11, it was inevitable that Andy McGurk would have a career in music, which began when he studied music composition at Coventry University graduating in 2008 and has since spent his life revolving around music.

In 2010 he started his own teaching business, reaching out to schools offering guitar lessons as well as privately, of which three of those schools he still teaches at today. A multi-instrumentalist, Andy has taught a range of ages from 5 to 70, a range of numbers including whole class lessons, and a range of instruments including ukulele, bass, piano, keyboards, composition and even a little drums.

Teaching is not the only musical passion for Andy, since leaving university he has also been involved in a number of musical projects, some of which were his own solo projects. Over the years he has released 7 studio albums and 5 Eps either as a solo project or in a band, this has also given him the opportunity to perform in established venues like the o2 Academy and has also performed with a variety of different established acts ranging from Blaze Bayley, formally of Iron Maiden, and 90s Dance pioneers The Orb.

Since joining PCYM in 2017, Andy McGurk endeavours to get the best out of every student and every ability, installing a sense of enjoyment, passion and joy into every lesson.