The majority of students who join PCYM who are already learning an instrument continue having lessons with their current teacher either at schools or privately and we would certainly recommend this.

If there are not lessons at school or you want to learn an instrument and can’t find a teacher, we are able to provide 30min weekly lessons with our tutors (Bursaries are available for those with financial need)

There may be a possibility of sharing a lesson with other students should you wish and thus reducing the cost. 

Lessons are timetables around teacher availability and whether the child takes part in other PCYM activities.

We are able to organise a trial lesson with our teachers to help in choosing a teacher to have lessons with and/or which instrument to learn.

Instrument Loan

If you do not already have an instrument, PCYM works with Peterborough Music Hub (PMH), giving us access to instruments which can be loaned to young musicians free of charge for as long as they attend a Peterborough School and have instrumental lessons.