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Individual Lessons Session 1 Session 2 Break Session 3 Performance/Sharing Individual Lessons
Junior Musicianship

(Grades 0-3 musicians)

Senior Singers

(All senior ensemble musicians)

  Junior Singers

(all Junior ensemble musicians)

All Pupils + Any staff who wish to attend. Performances to be arranged a week in advance with music passed to the accompanist at this time.
Intermediate Musicianship

(Grades 4-5 musicians)

Junior Brass Ensemble


  Senior Brass Ensemble
 Senior Musicianship

(grade 6+ musicians)



Junior String Ensemble


   Senior String Ensemble


Junior Piano Ensemble


   Senior Piano Ensemble


 Junior Woodwind    Senior Woodwind Ensemble


 Junior Percussion Ensemble    Senior Percussion Ensemble


 Junior Guitars  Senior Guitars
Chamber Choir Junior Chamber Choir Senior